Hey y'all! Our names are Connor and Caitlin, Con & Cait for short. We are just two Texas girlies looking for a way to express ourselves. We founded Moodz & Vibez Designs on the belief there is a word for every mood and vibe in this world. These beaded chokers and bracelets, mood buttons and our fanny packs are meant to show the world who you are.

We are so excited to have started a "Give Back" program were some of our special edition products give back a portion of the proceeds from each sale to a designated charity. It's more fun to express yourself while also making an impact in the world.

We are also thrilled to have started an ambassador program - the Good Vibez Girl Squad - to help spread the word about all the exciting products we have to offer.


In 2020 we have started to add Official Greek Licensed items to our product lines.  We are so excited to provide awesome designs to sorority members across the country.

So go out and show everyone your mood and give off that perfect vibe.  XOXO!

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