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Football Game or Fashion Show?: Game Day Outfit Inspo

If you have ever been to a football game in the south, you know the outfits are just as important as what happens on the field! Whether you are an SEC sorority girl who has had her outfits planned for months or maybe you are trying to step up your style for your next tailgate, we have the perfect pieces for every team!


Schools: Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, OU, SMU, Houston, Texas Tech

There is always the age ole debate of what shade of red you wear at what schools: Alabama and OU are crimson red, Georgia and Ole Miss are red red. Some people think maroon is a shade of crimson which is valid, but let's be clear that is a completely different color - ask any Aggie. Our philosophy is wear what shade you want as long as you don't show up in the opponent's colors!


This is going to be a little controversial but... pink is a game day color. It is the perfect substitute for red, crimson, or maroon, during the month of October it raises awareness for breast cancer research, but honestly we think you can wear it no matter your team.


Schools: Texas, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Clemson

We are a Texas family so we tend to prefer burnt orange over bright orange. While you won't catch us in Tennessee orange, we know some of y'all LOVE that gaudy orange and have some pieces that are perfect for you!


Schools: Ole Miss, Auburn, Kentucky, Florida, UNC

From powder to navy, we have every shade you need for your team! One of our personal favorites is the margaret dress which is chambray and can be worn for literally any school thanks to their embroidered details!


Schools: Vanderbilt, Mizzou, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, but honestly every school

A black and white outfit can be the perfect starting place for any school - you can accessorize with a beaded strap or game day buttons to show your school spirit. Some school's have black out games where everyone is encouraged to ditch their official school colors for an all black ensemble, if that sound like your school we've got you covered!


Schools: Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Troy, FSU

Remember how we said maroon is it's own color earlier, well here you go!

Don't worry, for those of you that have more unique school colors aka not red, white and blue, we've got you covered!


Schools: Baylor, LSU, Mizzou


Schools: Baylor, UNT


Schools: TCU, LSU, Clemson

We are only through Week 6 of college football, so there is still a lot of games left to watch. If you wear M&V on game day, tag us and show us your tailgate vibez! Also be sure to follow our socials to see what we wear to cheer on the Horns, the Tide and the Rebels the rest of the season (yeah we know that's a lot of teams)!

Hook'em Horns! Roll Tide! Hotty Toddy!


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