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Must Haves: College Darty Season

It's officially the best time of the year: COLLEGE DARTY SEASON! Every college girl knows that about a month into second semester the weather starts to get a little nicer and that means darties officially begin. And for those of you who don't know what a darty is, it is a party during the day: DAY + PARTY = DARTY! Here is a round up of some M&V darty essentials!

Let's start with the basics. Our REGAN bodysuit is a staple piece for your darty season wardrobe (let's be honest she will stay a staple all the way through football szn). Keep it really simple with the black or white variation, or add a little color with one of the other options. Throw it on with your favorite jeans or denim shorts (i.e. be smart and dress for the weather), add a fun belt and you'll be ready to go for the day!

Now if the darty is themed, especially towards the end of the semester many will be tropical or beach themed, you can always go with the classic swim suit + cutoff jean shorts combo OR our JOSIE top is a super fun alternative. Same vibe as swim suit with the halter and open back but also different enough to where you aren't twinning with half of fraternity row!

F0r a super fun top that works for any darty occasion and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd is our PRISCILLA top. We are obsessed with the adorable fringe sleeves, plus it is super comfy to wear all day because it's literally a fancy t-shirt!

When in doubt, put on denim. But there is no need to wear basic jean shorts every weekend, so here are some options to mix it up.

If you want to be EXTRA, we have just the skirt for you. The SUNNY denim skirt can turn any white tee or crop top into a full fit.

Maybe the theme one week rodeo or perhaps fringe is just having a really big moment in your wardrobe this spring, then the REBA skort is your girl. This is a good day-to-night transition piece, especially if you pair it with the black REGAN bodysuit.

For a more laid back look, we suggest our LORI skirt. On our website she is styled with the CELESTE top which is another great option for springy vibez.

Once you have your outfit, you'll need something to keep track of your phone, ID, sunglasses and anything else you might need for a darty. Look not further than our nylon belt bags, my favs are the hot pink or bright purple!

If you go to college in the south like I do, it can get pretty hot early in the semester. Always keep a claw clip handy because you inevitably reach a point where that perfectly curled hair you started the day with is just begging to be thrown up. My current fav for the spring are these flower clips!

Word to the wise: don't get fancy with the darty shoes, odds are they will get caked in mud before the end of the spring. So pair any of these outfits with your go-to white frat sneakers (we all know we have a pair) and you are all set!

Now go out there and get your party on (always responsibly of course 😊)!!


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