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Outfit Recap: Weekend in Nola

Throughout the spring, Greek orgs in the south flock to NOLA for formal weekends. We load up on buses, spend the weekend enjoying all the city has to offer and cap the weekend off with a night out! This year I was able to make it down for a weekend and wanted to do a little recap of all the outfits I wore.

Night 1:

After being on the bus all day I was excited to throw on a cute outfit and go out on the town. I wore our metallic Cher pants with a white v-neck long sleeve tee from Target, my Vejas and my black Kurt Geiger purse. Definitely my most fun outfit of the weekend, what's NOLA without a little extra shine! 10/10 would recommend these pants if you are headed to Mardi Gras soon!

Day 2:

For day two we spent the day exploring the city and hanging out around the French Quarter. I wanted to keep it cute and casual, so I wore our Jaxon bodysuit, some ripped jeans from Target, our Elaine jacket, a black belt and my Vejas. I was definitely a little chilly with the bodysuit (who knew January could be cold in Louisiana) but thankfully I had the jacket to keep me warm.

Night 2:

And finally for the main event: formal! I wore our Kamryn dress with my Golden Goose sneakers with the cheetah print and red laces. My date's suit jacket was red so the laces were a nice touch. Definitely recommend that if you go to a NOLA formal to just stick with sneakers and skip the heels, you’ll be 1000x more comfortable!

This was my first time really getting to spend time in New Orleans and I had so much fun! Can't wait for my next college adventure!


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