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All the Big Moodz & Good Vibez

Hey hey hey! We have a brand new way to share all the big moodz and good vibez with y'all: A BLOG!

If you have been around us Neill girls for a while (I am talking like Moodz & Vibez 1.0 Era) then you know we are no strangers to blogging (RIP A Sweet Sip of Texas). But we wanted to create a space to talk about all things M&V: style inspo, behind-the-scenes of owning a small business, heck maybe we will give tips on how to channel your inner Bama sorority girl even if your old & washed up in corporate America, who knows what this will turn into.

We hope this becomes a little pocket of joy not just for us, but for y'all too. So if there's something you have always wanted to learn more about or you are just generally curious about how we live our lives outside of our social media feeds: leave a comment, send us a DM, shout it out to Cait if you see her walking around campus!

Now get ready for some good ~blog~ vibez!


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