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2023 Holiday Gift Guides: The Graduate

Whether your bestie is getting ready to graduate from high school, college or grad school, she deserves to be celebrated! We have put together a list of gift ideas to help you show your graduating girl just how proud you are of her.

All Things Collegiate

We are big fans of Tart by Taylor and she has the cutest college collection that works for high school and college graduates. If she is headed off to college, an acrlyic tray featuring her new school would be perfect for her future dorm. And what better way to help the college grad remember the good ole days than with college town coasters for her new adult apartment.

This one is for the soon to be college girlies - a clear game day bag is an essential for any collegiate! We love the Packed Party Cooper Crossbody; it has such good space and it comes with a neutral gold strap that is easy to change out with one of our beaded straps for a more spirited look. There is always the tried and true Jon Hart crossbody that everyone recevied when I went to college. You can get this one stamped with either her initials or they have a few college options. Clear bags are such a great gift because they can used far beyond sporting events like for concerts!

The Post-Grad Life Essentials

We believe that good loungewear is essential at all stages of post-grad life. Fun slippers and pajamas are the perfect gift for the girl who definitely earned herself a nice break after working her butt off to get to graduation. Here are some of our favorites in stock at M&V! Our other favorite spots to find cute loungewear are Roller Rabbit, Katie Kime, and of course Target.

Here is another one perfect for high school seniors - a mongrammed towel wrap! Even if she doesn't plan on living in a dorm with communal bathrooms, this is a gift that she will use all throughout college and beyond. This one from Weezie is great and there is even an option to personalize on their site if you don't have a go-to mongrammer.

Whether she is going to be traveling back and forth from college and her parent's house or she will be off on work trips before she knows it, a duffle bag is also a great gift for a grad! Another Jon Hart favorite of ours is the Weekender bag, it is the perfect size for quick trips. Plus you can personalize this one for her too!

More Sentimental Gifts

If you know her interior design vibez, anything for her new apartment or future dorm is a great gift. Bonus points if it is something that reminds you of a memory y'all share or an inside joke, so she will always think of you when she sees it in her space.

One of my favorite home gifts to give is a framed photo, you can get the photos printed at Walgreens and then find a unique frame at Home Goods that shows off your friendship moodz. It is such an easy, yet personalized gift. Please enjoy this photo of me and my sorority big/college roommate/best friend from her wedding that is framed and on a shelf in my living room as inspo:

If you are your college besties are all getting ready to go your separate ways, a great gift is to plan a future girls trip! No need to book plane tickets or hotels, put together a themed gift for your future destination - i.e. a cowboy hat for going out on Broadway in Nashville, sunnies & an inconic Seaside sweatshirt for a long weekend on 30A - and a save the date card. One of the best parts of post-grad life is the mini reunions with your college besties and this is a fun way to get those trips on calendars! I kid you not I texted a group of my college friends as I wrote this to propose a 2024 trip back to our college town.

Happy gifting and be sure to tell your graduate congrats for us!


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