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3 Ways to Style our Rowan Sweatshirt

In case you haven't figured it out yet: pink is our signature color. When in doubt, we will buy pink inventory and the Rowan sweatshirt is the perfect example of this philosophy. If you remember our spring/summer collection, we had the Rowan top in white, yellow and powder blue and we absolutely LOVED the feather details. So when we saw the same style came in a sweatshirt we knew it was a vibe.

No need to save the feathers for a special occasion, here are 3 ways to style the Rowan sweatshirt for your everyday life!

For Running Errands

Feathers make errands more fun! We paired the sweatshirt with comfy Mackenzie lounge shorts and our new personal fav slip on Golden Goose sneakers. Add on one of our black belt bags for an effortlessly cute outfit for when you're running around town!

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For Dinner with the Girls

Ditch the feather boa and opt for a more subtle party look for meeting the girls at your favorite dinner & drinks spot. Throw on any pair of wide legged jeans (if you're anti-buttons with your denim, check out our Jordan jeans), a fun pair of booties and one of our stylish beaded cross body purses for your night out on the town!

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For a Chill Day In

Whoever said feathers were too fancy for lounging is missing out. Pair this fun sweatshirt with your favorite pair of yoga pants and our heart slippers for a cute and comfy outfit at home! My go-to places for yoga pants are Lululemon, Target (love the JoyLab brand) and FP Movement. Don't forget to snag a you're so golden glass cup for your daily iced coffee!

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These are just a few of the ways that you can style the Rowan sweatshirt. We'd love to see how this sweatshirt fits your mood and vibe, tag us in your photos on Instagram or your ootds on TikTok to show us how you M&V!


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