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J'adore Paris: Study Abroad Recap

Bonjour! Checking in from my European adventures! Our third stop was the city of love: PARIS! We had a week filled of delicious pastries, fabulous shopping and exploring the beautiful city! Here is a recap of our time, OOH LA LA !!!

For our first day in Paris I paired our Magnolia top with some black linen shorts from the Gap and my sandals from Free People! We started our day with a tour of Palais Royal aka one of the original shopping malls! We got to walk by shops old and new and learned about the history of the fashion district in Paris. Then we hit the two big tourist spots: the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph. After that we of course had to do some shopping and I got a super cute coffee table book about Texas from Louis Vuitton!

For day 2 I went with this midi length Love Shack Fancy dress we got a few years ago from the Love Shack x Target collab and wore my white Vejas sneakers. We went to Le Textilerie in the morning, which is a small business focused on promoting sustainability in the fashion industry: they repair and upcycle donated clothing, teach people in the community how to sew and sell sustainable fabrics, ribbons etc. Then we went to the Yves Saint Laurent museum which I LOVED. We got to see so many original sketches and vintage designs and even got to see what his studio looked like. After that we got to explore the city on our own so we went and did some more shopping and I got the cutest baby pink Longchamp tote bag. We ended our day with some french desserts so I got some macaroons and a vanilla milkshake!

The outfit for this day was definitely Barbie in Paris vibez! I wore our Mabry set and carried my new pink tote bag. It was a little hot this day so I threw my hair up into a fun little pony! First we went to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and saw the coolest exhibit about different hair styles and hair styling tools throughout history. Then we went to a fashion exhibit about the year 1997 at the Musee Galleria and saw some pieces from Gucci, Versace and more iconic designers! After this we headed to the Galeries Lafayette which is this HUGE department store, every Parisian girl's dream! We ended the night with group dinner at this restaurant where they serve raclette which is basically where they melt a huge block of cheese and you can dip potatoes, meat and bread in it.

We took a day trip to Versailles which was absolutely stunning! We spent the whole day exploring the palace and the gardens. I wore a dress I got several years ago from the sale section of Banana Republic that has a fun little print of animals on it! My favorite part of the palace was definitely the hall of mirrors and walking through the never ending gardens was so relaxing! Plus we got to see the apartment where Marie Antoinette lived outside of the palace. We ended the night seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up!

Since we have our weekends free we had a pretty chill Saturday! I wore our white Tonya tee and the same pair of black linen shorts from the Gap. We stopped by Lululemon and Footlocker to get some outfits for our trip to Disneyland Paris the next day and then we went into one of the big pharmacies in Paris where they had three floors of beauty, skin and hair care products! I got a few items that I had seen on TikTok that looked fun to try out! We spent the rest of the day walking around to more shops and ended the day relaxing in our hotel room.

We got up bright and early to take the train to Disneyland Paris! I have been before when we took our family vacation about 6 years ago so I was very excited to be back plus who doesn’t love a day in the happiest place on earth!!

I wore the tank and shorts I had gotten from Lululemon the day before and the On Clouds I got from Footlocker. We started in Hollywood Studios and went straight to the Avengers section! I finally faced my fears and rode the Tower of Terror for the first time and probably only time. After hitting all the rides we wanted to in Hollywood Studios we walked across over to Magic Kingdom, my personal favorite part of any Disney park! We all got ourselves some ears, I got Ariel themed ones to match my outfit and rode all of the classics: Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain and more!! Before we left we caught the beginning of the firework show, which was so magical! We had such a fun day and it was nice feeling like a kid again!

For our last day in Paris I wore our Mandy top with some white linen shorts from the Gap. Before our activities for the day I got an iced coffee from a cute little coffee shop! Then our main activity for this day was making our own perfume at Fragonard! I made mine kind of citrusy and summery and named it Kathleen (for those who don’t know that’s the name I have for my alter ego lol). Since we had to wake up and leave to go to Milan at 6 am the next day we decided to grab some quick dinner and head back to our hotel to get all our stuff repacked and rest up for our travel day.

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