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2022 Holiday Gift Guides: The Girl on the Go

For the Girl on the Go

This is your friend who can't seem to sit still. Whether she's at the front of the TSA Pre-Check line or the first to call shotgun for a road trip, she's always down for an adventure.

First up, she is going to need a bag to hold all of her travel necessities. This faux fur tote comes in 2 colors and includes a long shoulder strap. It's the perfect size for those quick weekend getaways.

If she's gonna have a cute tote, she's gonna want an even cuter bag to go inside. These nylon and sherpa pouches are perfect for holding everything from makeup to all of the random stuff that ends up in all of our purses.

Now if your go-girl is a road trip gal, then her car keys are likely one of her most prized possessions. This sherpa smiley keychain from Packed Party is the perfect accessory to bring smiley vibes to any car ride.

So what about for when you girl on the go gets to her destination? One of our belt bags will make sure she never misses a beat once her adventure really begins. Choose between nylon or sherpa, with enough colors to satisfy the bold and neutral adventurers in your life!


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