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2022 Holiday Gift Guides: The Sorority Girl

For the Sorority Girl

Maybe it's your little's first Christmas and you're ready to spoil her or you still can't get over that your cousin pledged your house this fall. Or maybe your daughter went through rush at a big southern school and you have no idea what any of these Greek letters mean. Whatever your sorority status is this holiday season, we have pulled together our favorite products that are sure to make the sorority girl in your life love you forever.

Trucker hats are a go-to for college class attire, you just toss one on with whatever you pulled out from under your twin size bed and you automatically look cool. This sorority fun times trucker hat is an easy way for your girl to show off her house all around campus.

If your girl is a little more lowkey with her sorority affiliation, the athena necklace is the perfect dainty piece for her.

Speaking of jewelry, we recently added the comfiest and cutest embroidered bracelets from the Kenzie Collective. These are so cute mixed in with your girl's current bracelet stack.

And last but certainly not least, you can never go wrong with one of our many pinback button designs. We have over 30 different designs for 21 Panhellenic sororities. Here are some of our current favorites!

These are just a few ideas for what to get the sorority girl in your life this holiday season. Check out all of our greek products here to find the perfect gift!


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