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2022 Holiday Gift Guides: The Homebody Girl

For the Homebody Girl

We all have that one friend that will choose an afternoon on the couch or a move night in over going out every single time. And we love them for reminding us that sometimes comfy is the only way to go.

One of the best things about staying in is there is no dress code and everyone knows the ultimate at-home uniform is a good robe. This lightweight flamingo print robe is perfect all year long. Bonus: the flamingos are drinking champagne so it's almost like a night on/night in crossover event.

If your homebody girl isn't afraid of pattern (and animal) mixing, these lounge pants have the same vibe as the robe.

One of our all time best sellers: the smiley slippers. We have them in 8 colors so there is bound to be a pair that is a match for your local homebody.

And if smileys aren't her thing, checkout our other slipper designs here.

Now this one is for the homebody girl who is also the hostess with the mostest. Can't host your friends over without a good set of coasters; these confetti ones are to die for and they come in a set of 4!

For more inspo, head over to our loungewear collection to see more cozy options.


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