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Cait's Sophomore Year Outfit Dump

From sorority recruitment, to gamedays, to going out I wore A LOT of outfits this year!! And if you know me you know I always have to have on something from M&V, so it's time for a Sophomore year Moodz & Vibez outfit recap!!


Sorority recruitment is practically the equivalent of the Super Bowl for SEC sorority girls. Before you even get into recruitment first you have to make it through work week, which is 5 days of dressing up, taking hundreds of pictures, singing door songs for hours and lots of prepping for when the PNMs come through our doors. This year for our Hometown Throwdown day I went all out Texas with a Longhorn tee I found at a thrift store and our white Pearl skirt, it was no question what my hometown was. And then for Dreaming of MC'22 day, I wore our cute and comfy Blue Cockatoo PJs. For actual recruitment I wore our Lilah and Georgia dresses for Sisterhood round, our Bettie dress for Pref, and for Bid Day I wore our Marianne dress and my big and my gbig also wore M&V dresses!


The best time of the year in the south! For many college girls gameday is our weekly fashion show, especially at Alabama everyone goes all out with their gameday fits! Check out our Gameday Outfit Recap for all of the outfit details!!


I LOVED all my date party outfits this year, but here are just a few! My aboslute favorite was my formal dress, our formal was Mamma Mia themed so obviously I had to be very extra, so I wore our Blakely dress and I got SO MANY compliments that night!! A close second would have to be our Ingrid dress that I wore for our My Tie date party in the spring!!


If you ever want to know the thought process in picking out a going out outfit it's pretty simple: a fun top + your fav denim shorts or jeans = ready to go out! Some of my favorie tops to wear out are Farrah, Bethany, Riley, and Ruby. And if you are looking for an extra comfy, casual option our Meadow, Summer, or Cassie seamless tanks are good staples to have in your closet. My one exception to the top + denim formula is our Cher pants, I wore them out one night in NOLA and will definitely be wearing them more in the fall when I go out!!


When you're in a sorority there are always events, photoshoots, formal chapters, etc you'll need outfits for! One of my favorites was the outfit I wore for Theta's Founders Day Brunch, I put our Phoebe top under our Frida romper and threw on a pair of black and white Vejas sneakers. This year I also had plenty of comfy outfits for FDOC, breakfasts at Rama Jamas and study sessions at Heritage House, thanks to all of the adorable sweatshirts we have!

Over the past two years I have discovered that college is truly the time to have fun with your outfits and try out lots of different styles! As long as you feel confident in what you're wearing, you'll always looks good! Hope y'all enjoyed this little outfit recap from my sophomore year and ROLL TIDE!


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